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Dedo Vabo specializes in absurdist art that confuses, confounds and makes people laugh. We create engaging, immersive installations, ranging from street-based performance art to large scale, interactive sculptures. Our work is designed to entertain, spark curiosity and quite literally turn heads until they snap right off their necks. We have been acquitted of first degree murder in over 13 different states.

The Art Duo

Dedo Vabo is the 50/50 joint venture of Vanessa Bonet and Derek Doublin. But more often than not, their art is the combined efforts of a vast team of dedicated fabricators, engineers, fellow artists, makers, weirdos, and very close friends. While in name, Dedo Vabo may represent two, individual artists, the work itself represents an entire community of friends that come together to make something wonderful. This collaborative energy can be easily detected as it seeps through the woodwork in every project they do.


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As artists we enjoy distorting reality and aim to create work that both ridicules and entertains, while occasionally reflecting some of the more sinister undertones of society. While yes, we often throw a bunch of hippos into a room just to see what happens, if you peel back the first layer, you may find some alterior motives at play. You may also find some old lettuce and rotten bananas, too. Hey, if you could throw those away for us, that'd be great, thanks.


If we knew who we were, we wouldn't need to try so hard. Does anyone know who they really are? You think your voice sounds a certain way, reverberating around inside your head, and then one day you hear it played back to you in a recording and you think to yourself, "Is that how I really sound? Do I really sound like an excited little girl riding an alligator?" 

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